Compassion. A San Francisco tradition.

Friends of Laguna Honda has for 63 years enriched life for the residents of Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, one of the nation’s largest post-acute care facilities. Now housing more than 1,000 residents, the hospital cares for the people with severely disabling conditions—most extremely low-income and some formerly homeless.

Friends of Laguna Honda supports programs at the hospital that spark joy, cheer, connection to the community, and engage residents’ interests. We sponsor activities of entertainment, nature, art, creativity, communication, and social connection.

View the Art with Elders message to residents during COVID-19

Cheers from The Residents

Art with Elders

At Laguna Honda Yolanda Madrid gained a new sense of freedom from her artwork, despite losing the use of her hands. She has ALS, a progressive disease that weakens muscles. But thanks to the support of the Art with Elders program, Yolanda created a piece of computer art to celebrate Independence Day, and has a restored zest for making art.

As an artist, Yolanda was in despair after becoming unable to use her hands, until her Art with Elders teacher, Mark Campbell, helped her find a way. They purchased a device that would enable Yolanda to move the mouse around the computer screen, but the problem was there was no way for her to physically click the mouse. Mark worked with Yolanda to develop several versions of a switch she could activate with her mouth, allowing her great control and freedom.

Yolanda cried tears of joy after finding that the switch worked. She’d never believed she would be able to create anything more. Now she’s thrilled to look forward to her continuing life in art.

Another Laguna Honda artist had worked in the music business and played in a rock band before he had a massive stroke and came to live at Laguna Honda. He was so grateful to discover the art and music programs. He says art is vital in his life, and having access to an art studio where he can engage with his creative spirit means the world to him.

Beautiful works from artists in the art studio at Laguna Honda Hospital.