Compassion. A San Francisco tradition.

Friends of Laguna Honda – 60 years of enriching life for the residents of Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, the nation’s only publicly funded long-term care facility of its kind. Now housing 765 residents, Laguna Honda operates in a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly new complex.

Almost 90 years after Laguna Honda Hospital opened its doors to, Friends of Laguna Honda began to enrich the lives of hospital residents. After 60 years, FLH projects still spark joy, cheer, and interest—providing equipment and programs for entertainment, nature, art, beauty, communication, and community excursions.

Both Laguna Honda Hospital and Friends of Laguna Honda hold a special place in the history and heart of San Francisco, providing hospital “neighborhoods” with entertainment and personal technology, stocking its library, beautifying the facility, funding the garden and farm, and sponsoring community outings.

Cheers from The Residents

One resident expressed her gratitude this way: “My days would be empty without my computer. When I had use of my hands, I used to read all the time. Friends of Laguna Honda donated to me a hands-free computer mouse device. Now, I am able to read the newspaper online, surf the web, and email. I look forward each day to getting out of bed and using my computer.”

Another resident said art is vital in his life. After working in the music business and playing in a rock and roll band, he sustained a massive stroke. After more than a year, he reports that it’s vital to have access to an art studio where he can engage with his creative spirit.