Our Story

Friends of Laguna Honda – Over 60 years of enriching life for the residents of Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.


artAs the Gold Rush surged, so did the number of destitute and needy San Franciscans. In 1867, Laguna Honda Hospital opened in a four-story wood frame building on the old San Miguel Rancho west of Twin Peaks. In 1906, the hospital provided care and emergency housing for victims of the great earthquake. The old Spanish Revival structure was erected in 1926. For the next three decades the hospital provided acute medical and surgical care to chronically ill, disabled and elderly city residents. Still funded by the City of San Francisco, Laguna Honda has grown to become one of the nation’s largest skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, serving ill, elderly, and disabled people.

gardenFriends of Laguna Honda has for 60 years provided enrichments for residents. Incorporated in 1956 as Laguna Honda Home Volunteers, Inc., our early projects supplied modern metal wheelchairs, visitors’ lounge and dining room furnishings, a color television, a player piano, power tools for the craft shop, equipment for a new beauty parlor, a sound system for the Gerald Simon Theater, and much more.

We continue to support programs for a fulfilling life in a hospital, helping to fund the hospital’s Animal Assisted Therapy and Horticultural programs, sponsoring community outings—Bay cruises, museum visits, movies, picnics, ball games, and bowling—and supporting Art With Elders, a program that touches hearts through the making and the enjoying of art.

Everywhere you go at Laguna Honda, you see this testimony to the full lives being lived there, and to the special joy art brings.


The Board of Directors of Friends of Laguna Honda (FLH) is made up of volunteers who care deeply about San Francisco and Laguna Honda. Several of our Board members got involved because they had family members living at Laguna Honda. Some are continuing a family tradition of participation.

Peter A. Johnson, President
Craig B. Collins, Treasurer
Richard J. Behrendt, Vice President
Timothy J. Halloran, Secretary

Peter W. Callander, M.D.
Dwight M. Cochran
Lisa Wilcox Corning
Chris Escher
Laura Fogelman
Hillary Hogan
Joseph S. Lerer
Mrs. James K. McWilliams
Morris H. Noble, Jr.
Katie Rafanelli
G. Barney Schley
Sara C. Stephens
Stephen H. Sutro

Kathleen Cardinal
Lawrence J. Funk
Terry Lowry
William B. MacColl, Jr.
William C. Miller
W. Sloan Upton